Frequently Asked Questions

The Punch Community

We are a magnetic Community of Brands, Creators and Consumers committed to environmental and social change. We encourage economic players to engage in responsible practices, whilst inspiring consumers to explore and consume better.

The Punch Method

The Punch encourages brands to continue practicing or to take a minimum of five responsible commitments as part of the following categories: Plan – Upgrade – Neutralize – Conserve – Honor.

Checking commitments made by members

We are built on the principle of trust and transparency creating a clear channel of communication where both sides work together to do the best they can. We listen to our consumers to understand their vision of our members, taking into consideration if there is any critics to improve our member’s performance. We partner with sustainability experts to run quality reports and measurements.

Members that don’t follow their commitments

We are built on the principle of trust and transparency. Members that break this code and don’t follow their commitments will be suspended from our channels until the commitment is reestablished. Once the issue is fixed, the actions the brand took are shared with the community, so taking the step into the right direction is again celebrated.

What my brand gets from joining The Punch

Members will join a relevant community that connects businesses with conscious and engaged consumers, side by side with reference brands and industry leaders. This is an impactful movement of creators, business owners, leaders, and influencers committed to taking responsibility, and do better for our future. Consumers want to engage with responsible, relevant brands. Join us.

Becoming a member

Three simple steps required: Select a minimum of 5 commitments, complete the form, select your payment method.

My brand is committed to more than 5 commitments

Great work! We then work together to choose the key 5 commitments to highlight but on your dedicated page, all your practices will be listed and detailed.

My brand is fully sustainable

Welcome to our Punch Members. As a fully sustainable brand you are a leader and inspiration for others towards a more positive direction, a change maker. We are proud to have you on board. Our community is a space for exchange for all levels of sustainability. We leverage brands that lead the example to inspire new comers into the world, while engaging with all brands audiences to raise awareness around the best practices on the Industry, featuring leading brands in sustainability such as yours.

My brand is not fully sustainable

Welcome to our Punch Members. Our focus as a community is to move forward, creating a safe space for business to take action towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future. We celebrate positive impact, and as long as you are transparent with your achievements we are happy to celebrate your commitments and actions, no matters how big they are.

My business is committed to actions not listed on The Punch Method

We try to describe our commitments in a way that it fits multiple types of approaches. Through our communications, we will detail and go deeper into each brand approach. But we could have missed something. If you don’t think your actions are included in any of our categories, please contact us and together we will analyze your case.

My business practices less than five actions listed

As a community we empower and encourage brands to take more commitments towards a socially and environmentally responsible future. To join our community of brands, it’s required that each are committed to at least 5 actions. If you wish our team to support, please contact us so we can help your internal team to understand what else in doable today, what is that you already do but don’t know, or streamline the steps necessary to reach the desired goal


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