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Join us as a responsible destination


The Punch is movement aiming to highlight the small responsible actions of each actor of the tourism industry around the world.
The idea is to break the pressure on being perfectly sustainable by focusing on small responsible actions/values from the industry which we believe have even more power for change.
The Punch is a great opportunity to gather a big community to exchange on actions and solutions, create partnerships, and most of all get a bigger voice.
We require our members to have a minimum of 5 responsible actions that will be promoted through our web platform, social medias and much more.
We are launching this movement to create awareness for worldwide tourists and to provide education for the future generations.
We would love to have you as part of our responsible destinations around the world.

Responsible actions (required)
Access For AllBiodiversity ConservationCommunity Sustainable GuidanceCultural Interaction & HeritageEfficient Purchasing & PackagingEnergy ConservationGuest AwarenessLocal & Organic PurchasingNo Single Use PlasticPreserving Local Natural SitesStaff EngagementSupporting Equal Local EmploymentSupporting Local CommunitySustainability ManagementSustainable Building & DesignsWaste ManagementWater Conservation


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