“We do not need one destination being perfectly sustainable;

We need millions of them being responsible for their actions.”


In a world facing serious environmental challenges, The Punch is the one platform recognizing, promoting and measuring responsible actions from the tourism industry.

At the Punch, we believe more than ever that each small action matters and that’s where we aim to focus. We are on a mission to encourage tourism actors to promote responsible travel, whilst inspiring travellers to move more carefully through the world and explore better.

Each small action has the power to change the world through its positive impact.


98 members are committed to implement a responsibility management plan with goals

Staff Engagement

82 members are engaging their staff with the development & the implementation of their responsibility goals

RESPONSIBLE Building AND Designs

58 members are committed to build responsibly and to use natural/ recycled materials for their designs

Access For All

25 members’ destinations are accessible for all 

Guest Awareness

71 members are communicating about their responsibility practices 

Supporting Equal Local Employment

112 members are giving equal opportunities for employment including management positions

Local AND Organic Purchasing

108 members are giving priority to local and organic suppliers which is minimising their carbon footprint 

Efficient Purchasing
AND Packaging

88 members carefully manage the purchasing of their goods and packaging in order to minimize their global waste

Energy Conservation

57 members are using renewable and clean equipment to minimize their energy use

Water Conservation

58 members are using equipment and practices to minimize their water use

Waste Management

88 members have a waste management plan in place with actions to reduce, separate and reuse or recycle waste

No Single Use Plastic

90 members are saying No to single use plastic which is minimising by millions the amount of plastic in land and in our oceans

Biodiversity Conservation

37 members support, protect and promote local biodiversity and wildlife

Cultural Interaction AND Heritage

63 members demonstrate awareness of local good practices and guidance for tourists contributing to the protection of local cultural heritage

Supporting Local Community

93 members are supporting their local community through various contributions

Preserving Local Natural Sites

47 members are supporting and preserving local natural sites collaborating with local environmental organizations

Community Sustainable Guidance

46 members offer sustainability awareness, education and guidance to their local community


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