Say hello to the wholesome abundance and inspiring flavors of Watercress. One of the proud pioneers in the new wave cafe culture of Bali, Watercress is known for quality ingredients chosen with utmost care. Sustainably sourced, honest and good. Everything in the kitchen made with a lot of love. Collaborating with local farms and brands that celebrate life and food, Watercress promotes community and prides in originality. A love of superfoods and homegrown products such as fair-trade coconut oil and small-batch nut butters & jams.


SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT // Sustainable management is clearly documented & implemented

STAFF ENGAGEMENT // Staff are engaged with development & implementation of the sustainability goals

COMMUNITY SUPPORT // The company supports its local community through various contributions

COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE GUIDANCE // The company offers sustainability awareness and guidance to its local community

GUEST AWARENESS // Promotion & communication are accurate and transparent regarding the company sustainability practices  

EQUAL AND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT // Local residents are given equal opportunities for employment including management positions

LOCAL AND ORGANIC PURCHASING // When purchasing, the company gives priority to local, Fairtrade and organic suppliers

EFFICIENT PURCHASING AND PACKAGING // The company carefully manages the purchasing of goods and packaging in order to minimize waste

PRESERVING LOCAL NATURAL SITES // The company supports and preserves local natural sites

WATER CONSERVATION // Equipment and practices are used to minimize water use

WASTE MANAGEMENT // A waste management plan is in place with actions to reduce, separate and reuse or recycle waste

NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC // The company does not use single use plastic


Address: 21a Jalan Batu Belig Kerobokan, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Indonesia // Phone: +62 85102808030


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