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Encouraging mass movement from the population to shop mindfully thereby minimizing its plastic waste. Zero Waste Bali is a bulk organic and non-organic store also providing the ability to purchase eco-products. “Our biggest aim is to minimize plastic usage and we implement that within the store and within our team. All Zero Waste staff fully understand and empower others and actively live our philosophy only using re-fillable water bottles and Zero-Waste Shopper bags and also bring their lunches in re-usable containers to work. We have no plastic within the store and hold 400+ products and are forever expanding on sourcing and producing new and clever products that replace our single use one’s currently sold in most other stores and creating a detrimental effect to our oceans especially. We sell all of these products in the store as well as many different sized glass jars for purchasing of bulk foods or even eco products like shampoo by the litre. We also provide paper bags for this although we would prefer to keep it to the containers.We then welcome return customers to bring their containers / jars for the next re-filling.

We source our products as locally and organically as possible and are transparent in this. We are currently working on ways to make this even more convenient for the public. Zero Waste Bali is very active on our Social Media platforms within posts and blogs about new or existing ways to reduce our waste footprint. And so it can be seen that it is small changes that can be done that in the end make a huge difference, one that we definitely cannot ignore. Often people can be overwhelmed or under the impression that they cannot do it without plastic however, we are able to show them that it is possible and not that difficult. We also do weekly free talks at schools educating our younger generation on how to make an effective change. We actively share events with companies of the same goal ensuring that collectively, there is a bigger impact and movement. Consulting and showing others how easily the change can be made is a huge passion and one that we endeavor to pursue and grow with. We want this movement to be global and it needs to be.” Locations: Kerobokan, Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu.


SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT // Sustainable management is clearly documented & implemented

STAFF ENGAGEMENT // Staff are engaged with development & implementation of the sustainability goals

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND DESIGN // Use of sustainable and local materials, art/crafts in design and furnishing

COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE GUIDANCE // The company offers sustainability awareness and guidance to its local community

GUEST AWARENESS // Promotion & communication are accurate and transparent regarding the company sustainability practices  

EQUAL AND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT // Local residents are given equal opportunities for employment including management positions

LOCAL AND ORGANIC PURCHASING // When purchasing, the company gives priority to local, Fairtrade and organic suppliers

EFFICIENT PURCHASING AND PACKAGING // The company carefully manages the purchasing of goods and packaging in order to minimize waste

ENERGY CONSERVATION // Equipment and practices are used to minimize energy use

WATER CONSERVATION // Equipment and practices are used to minimize water use

WASTE MANAGEMENT // A waste management plan is in place with actions to reduce, separate and reuse or recycle waste

NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC // The company does not use single use plastic

BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION // The company actively supports, protects and promotes local biodiversity and wildlife

CULTURAL INTERACTION AND HERITAGE // The company demonstrates awareness of local cultural interaction & heritage

COMMUNITY SUPPORT // The company supports its local community through various contributions

PRESERVING LOCAL NATURAL SITES // The company supports and preserves local natural sites


Address: Jl. Raya Anyar No.30, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361 // Phone:+62 87862305959

Also available in Ubud & Uluwatu


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