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The Punch for Bali



From its rich, peaceful and creative essence; endless beaches, magnificent nature, unforgettable sunsets, beautiful people and unique energy, Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in the world –  welcoming millions of travellers every year. Unfortunately, although a welcome boost to the economy, tourism in Bali contributes to environmental challenges by increasing waste, reducing natural resources and threatening both ecosystems and communities.

Fortunately, tourism can also be used as a positive tool for environmental conservation, community development and cultural promotion and that’s where we aim to focus.

The Punch was born from a deep love of Bali and proudly provides unique and inspirational stories from more than 200 responsible destinations and brands dedicated to make a lasting positive change through the power of community and education.

We proudly started our journey with Bali as our first responsible community and we hope that our efforts will inspire other destinations and travellers.


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