“Thousands of small, imperfect commitments add up and have the power to inspire and create big change.”

Audrey Petrelluzzi, CEO

The Punch is a magnetic community of thousands of Brands, Creators and Consumers committed to environmental and social change. We encourage economic players to engage in responsible practices, whilst inspiring consumers to explore and consume better.



2020 is the year that changed the world. But through these challenging times, we are presented with a unique opportunity. Now is the time to sit up and take notice. To adapt, grow and do better. There has never been a better time to take responsibility for our impact on the world. 


In a world facing serious environmental and social challenges, adopting responsible systems and lifestyles have never been more crucial for our quality of life. Increasingly, consumers are actively looking for education, transparency, and seeking out ways they can contribute towards positive change leading to a possible future. And that’s where we come in.

As the first global platform dedicated to facilitating responsible change across a variety of industries,

The Punch encourages brands to continue practicing or to take a minimum of five responsible commitments as part of the following categories:


Management Commitments

Sustainability management

Minimizing carbon emissions

Sustainable designs

Consumer awareness


Social Commitments

Staff engagement

Local & Equal employment

Fair employment conditions

Accessible for all


Environmental Commitments

Organic or sustainable purchasing

Responsible production & packaging

Waste management

No single use plastic


Conservation Commitments

Energy conservation

Water conservation

Biodiversity conservation

Culture & heritage conservation


Community Commitments

Local purchasing

Community support

Community education

Community guidance


Potato Head

“At Potato Head, we believe that our approach to sustainability has led us to a far better experience for the consumer. We do not want to be the people that deliver a sub-standard sustainable answer. We know we can make the best products for our customers and not sacrifice the guest experience. Sustainable can be beautiful, sustainable can be exceptional. We focus our efforts in 3 areas to follow a zero waste philosophy: Product – Beautiful x Sustainable, Education – Local x Global Changemakers & Action – First Mover x Commitment.”

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Four Seasons

“We strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Our Bali resorts are guided by the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. Meaning ‘the three causes of happiness’, it reflects the belief that humanity, God and the environment must all be in balance to achieve harmony. From a full sustainability management to banning plastic straws in all dining outlets at both resorts, recycling paper to make notebooks, participating to annual clean-up events and regularly donating equipment to needy communities, we are proud to be recognised as a responsible tourism operator.”

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Faithfull The Brand

“Each Faithfull garment is carefully designed, sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia, by using handmade techniques such as hand-dying and hand-printing. Our prints are inspired by findings in vintage markets and along our travels. In this way, travel plays a very special role in our design process – we love when we discover a rare and beautiful print oversees or in an exotic, unexpected location. Produced entirely in Bali, we maintain close relationships with all our local factories and employees after having worked directly with them for almost a decade.”

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Les Basics

“Through our minimalist, comfy and timeless brand, we wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry that is changing constantly. We want to take the time to create pieces that reflect our values, beliefs and what’s best for the environment. Basics are meant to last and be the masterpiece of your everyday wardrobe. We prioritize quality over quantity. We do believe that happy employees and tailors can be felt in our pieces. Which is why we do have limited quantity and every piece are unique. We believe that supporting brands that share the same value as you is fundamental.”

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In a polarized world, we come to unite.

To bring trust and transparency back to the conversation.

We share stories, inspiring cases that show us a possible way,

Igniting the drive to do better inside all of us.

We encourage new ones to move into a sustainable direction.

So then one day, they can inspire others again.

We nurture a safe space, where steps and commitments can start small

and when combined reach miles away.

We know change can be a messy process and we don’t expect perfection.

We build on meaningful connections,

and by doing the best we can, we trust you to do the same.

Spreading the good word is our passion.

We share discoveries, beautiful findings from this great world we live in.

We are future proof, things that last are our favorites.

Optimistic, because we truly believe.


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