We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change

and the last generation that can do something about it.

Barack Obama
A community movement and a platform for change

The Punch is a global responsible travel guide born to highlight the small responsible actions of each actor of the tourism industry. An impactful platform to inspire positive change through the power of a community.

With a strong belief that each and every small action matters, The Punch celebrates businesses who invest for the future by committing to a minimum of five simple responsible actions as part of their operations; A movement to raise global awareness about how millions of small imperfect actions have more power than a few perfect ones giving a chance for businesses to share what they do with their own words.

The Punch started in Bali, one of the top tourist destinations in the world welcoming millions of travellers every year contributing to environmental challenges by increasing waste, reducing natural resources and threatening both ecosystems and communities.

200+ places and brands have committed to act for the future of Bali ; a successful initiative that we are launching globally from March 2020 with Bali as the key example of this movement. From exclusive behind the scenes stories to impactful information, The Punch is all about promoting responsible places and brands while inspiring travellers to explore better.


There is no power greater for change than a community discovering what it cares about.


Potato Head

“We believe that our approach to sustainability has led us to a far better experience for the consumer. We do not want to be the people that deliver a sub-standard sustainable answer. We know we can make the best products for our customers and not sacrifice the guest experience. Sustainable can be beautiful, sustainable can be exceptional. We focus our efforts in 3 areas to follow a zero waste philosophy: Product – Beautiful x Sustainable, Education – Local x Global Changemakers & Action – First Mover x Commitment.”

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Komune Resort

“Our commitment to environmental sustainability and supporting our local community is deep-rooted. We take pride in minimising our impact on the pristine natural setting by choosing the most sustainable options available, as well as educating the staff and local partners. We are deeply involved in educating and working with the local community, from training staff on environmental best practices to helping our local partners make the most sustainable choices, like switching to reusable bags for linen deliveries.”

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Vinny’s Warung

“We believe that health and sustainability could go hand in hand, therefore, as a restaurant we have a great responsibility not only to be sustainable by using the correct takeaway packaging, recycling and composting but to provide only the highest-quality nutritious food on the island, supporting local traditions and using only natural ingredients. From recycling programs, organic and local purchasing, equal employment opportunity and a 100% plant based menu, we believe that healthy people may achieve a healthy planet.”

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Les Basics

“We wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry that is changing constantly. We want to take the time to create pieces that reflect our values, beliefs and what’s best for the environment. Basics are meant to last and be the masterpiece of your everyday wardrobe. We prioritize quality over quantity. We do believe that happy employees and tailors can be felt in our pieces. Which is why we do have limited quantity and every piece are unique. We believe that supporting brands that share the same value as you is fundamental.”

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